April 03, 2019

5 Things to Tell Your Friends

When They Ask Why You Juice 


What is juicing? Why juice? What’s the hype? 

We are constantly bombarded with information, whether it is social media posts or articles the internet, that sometimes it is hard to differentiate what is real and what is fake.

We recently conducted a consumer research panel, and we are super excited to share all the learnings we gathered from our customers. Real people, talking about real experiences! It doesn’t get better than that. 

First off, we learned “Why juice?” Plain and simple, every once in a while, it is good to give your digestive system a break!

Yes! All that eating, even healthy eating makes your body work hard. Especially so, when we’re eating rice, pasta, fried chicken, and that oh-so delicious cake at the monthly office birthday party.

Just like our brain and body, sometimes our stomach and other vital organs need a vacation too.   

While giving your digestive system a rest from all that, well, digesting, you’re giving your body a re-set and re-boot.

And the hype? Below are 5 reasons why juicing is all that it’s hyped up to be and more:

  1. Less Bloating – This is the top reason because a cleanse may get rid of excess water weight and bloating.

  2. Mental Clarify – This one isn’t something you would think or know until you have done a 3-day juice cleanse. However, after your body has gone through a fast and isn’t digesting pounds of food, that brain fog may clear. Awesome!

  3. Soundful Sleep – Similar to the mental clarity, a juice cleanse may bring quality and peaceful sleep. Once again, human beings digest a lot of food daily making our body focus a lot on digestion instead of other things like sleep.

  4. Glowing Skin – Who doesn’t want that?! After three days of juicing, those toxins everyone talks about may lead to glowing skin and less acne. You’re not eating chocolate/added sugars/complex carbohydrates letting your body clean itself inside out.

  5. Eliminating Sludge and Waste – By eliminating all the food and sludge our intestines create, we get to start over.

Start with the 1-Day Super Detox Me juice cleanse to get you comfortable and familiar with the unique flavors, fruit acids, and check for any adverse reactions. Then, you’ll be ready for a 3-Day Super Detox Me juice cleanse in no time!

We are transparent with our brand and customers. We want you to have the best experience and that’s why we are giving you all this information to help make your decision.  

From our research, we have learned that once a month Lemonkind’s 3-Day Super Detox Me Juice Cleanse is a great way to help you get back or keep up with your healthy routine. Our 1-Day Super Detox Me juice cleanse is great for a quick weekly reset and for a quick debloat-and-go.

Remember, healthy eating is a gradual choice for a long-term healthy lifestyle!

Go big or start small — whatever your goals —we’ll help you get there.


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