When you cleanse, you actively nourish your body with powerful superfoods, reset your mindset and digestive system, boost your body’s metabolism and jumpstart your weight loss plans.

LEMONKIND 1 Day Hybrid Cleanse, Juices + Chewy Superfruit Snacks – Re-energize & Debloat (8 Pack)

Want to feel cleaner, brighter and more vibrant? We like to keep it simple...

Our 1 DAY SUPER DETOX ME Hybrid cleanse is a quick and easy way to restart your body and get rid of stubborn bloating. It is also the go-to for first-time juicers.

With a total of 8 meals (beverages or snacks), our 1-day cleanse:

  1. Re-energizes the body and acts as an immune boost,
  2. Is a quick fix when feeling bloated, sluggish or simply considering a lifestyle change to encourage the elimination of toxins and
  3. Makes the digestive system more effective and improves whole-body well-being by leading to feelings of lightness, increased energy and overall good health.


    Each Hybrid Cleanse contains 6 functional juices + 2 chewy snacks:Each Hybrid Cleanse contains (1) Chlorella Infused Greens (1) Aronia Berry Lemonade (2) Mango Peppermint Green Teas (1) Turmeric Carrot Gingerade (1) Blueberry Cinnamon Chia and (2) Boost Blends Chewy Snacks.


    with 8 nutrient-rich juices and snacks per day

    Our cleanses allow you to focus on eating more frequently without getting extra full. Simply follow the Daily Game Plan below. No worries, you can adjust start/end times, but the two-hour interval is the most important part. 

    Lemonkind juice cleanse vegan teracycle recyclable non gmo no preservatives women owned made in the USA gluten free

    Mindfully crafted

    At LEMONKIND, we are united by one belief: what you drink should help your body function, not slow it down. All of our products are unsweetened and there are no additives of any kind - No Sugar or Syrups (Agave), Sulfites, Colors or Preservatives Added.

    Our packaging is BPA Free, Non-Toxic and our facilities are FDA, Gluten and Organic certified.

    Daily nutrition solutions

    Each recipe is rich in only the best whole foods, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants to naturally promote healthy weight management as well as renewed & vitalized energy. Added benefits may help to support regularity, relieve bloating, eliminate waste, and promote digestive wellness.

    With nothing to hide...

    Our superfood-infused juices are made with aronia berry, cucumber, lemon, blueberry, organic acerola cherry, spinach, kale, ginger, chlorella, carrot, pineapple, alphonso mango, apple, organic turmeric root, green tea extract (50% polyphenols), peppermint extract, organic milled chia seeds, organic Saigon cinnamon, organic whole grain brown rice, low-fat cocoa.

    Our boost blend chewy superfruit snacks are made with sweet pineapple, Turkish apricot, tart green apple.

    Lemonkind juice cleanse botanical infused pure ingredients immune boost metabolism boost antioxidants non gmo gluten free vegan

    Additional Information

    CONTRAINDICATIONS:  People who have heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hypothyroidism, eating disorders, irritable bowel syndrome/IBS, and extreme fatigue, as well as people who are underweight, recovering from surgery, or pregnant/lactating, should avoid aggressive fasting detoxification programs.

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