LEMONKIND® 3 Day SUPER DETOX ME® Reset Core Juice Cleanse, Metabolism Booster (24 Juices)

  • At LEMONKIND, we believe that what you drink should help your body function, not slow it down. With a total of 24 juices, our 3-day super detox me juice cleanse:

    • Is a bad habit breaker, metabolism booster and diet jump-starter.
    • Allows you enough time to refocus your attention on better food choices and whole-body wellness.
    • Encourages the elimination of toxin build-up from your body that can slow down or inhibit fat burning.
    Apple, aronia (chokeberry), cucumber, lemon, blueberry, acerola, spinach, kale, ginger, chlorella, carrot, pineapple, alphonso mango, turmeric root, green tea, peppermint, chia seeds, cinnamon, whole grain brown rice, low-fat cocoa.

  • NUTRITION FACTS: Servings: 8 JUICES PER DAY, Serving Size: 12 fluid oz (354mL) Pouches. Total Calories per Day: 1060. Calories Per Serving: Calories 110-180.

    Low Calorie Meal, Fat Free, Saturated Fat Free, Cholesterol Free, Very Low Sodium

    Follow the Daily Game Plan included in the booklet you will receive with your cleanse. You can adjust start/end times, but the two-hour interval is the most important part.

    • Since this is a 100% natural product it will tend to settle so don't forget to shake well before drinking. The juices taste better cold.
    • You can freeze them if you are planning on taking them with you and consuming them later.
    • You can sip straight from the pouch or if you are feeling fancy, pour over ice into a glass.
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What's Inside?

Drinking Directions

Rather than skip meals in an attempt to reduce your caloric intake and lose weight, our cleanses allow you to focus on eating more frequently without getting extra full.

With a total of 24 juices, you will be drinking 8 juices a day. We like to keep it simple. Drink 1 juice every 2 hours (see diagram below) and repeat for 3 days. You can adjust start/end times, but the two-hour interval is the most important part

3 day cleanse metabolism boost debloat weight loss instructions and timeline 

Before and After...