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The Secret Behind NUTRIBOBA’s Skinny Boba

The Secret Behind NUTRIBOBA’s Skinny Boba

Hannah Chusid |

What is Konjac?

The konjac plant, also known as shirataki, is a Japanese root vegetable naturally full of soluble fiber called glucomannan. Konjac has been gaining recent populariy due its high-fiber and virtually calorie-free ingredients, making it a perfect companion for a weight loss diet plan.

Instead of high-calorie tapioca pearls, NUTRIBOBA® boba pearls are made from konjac flour, resistant tapioca starch and grass jelly powder. With only 3g of carbs and no added sugar, LEMONKIND's konjac boba is the perfect addition to our NUTRIBOBA nutrient-dense bubble teas guilt free, gluten free, vegan, whole grain and non-GMO. 




Balances blood sugar -
The main ingredient, glucomannan, slows down the absorption of glucose. 


Supports digestion -
konjac is water soluble, which means it's easily digested and promotes regularity.


Controls appetite -
konjac is digested slowly, which keeps you satiated for longer.


Boosts immune system -
konjac has antibacterial and antiviral properties that support a healthy immune system.


Controls blood pressure -
konjac may stabilize blood pressure and aid heart health. 


Anti-inflammatory -
konjac contains anti-inflammatory properites which may aid with bone & joint health as well as decreasing chronic pain. 


With so many benefits of konjac, it has become a staple in a lot of popular diet plans. Konjac boba in NUTRIBOBA® makes it an easy way to enjoy a guilt-free beverage packed with essential nutrients and lots of flavor.

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