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Enjoy what you love and love how you feel with LEMONKIND.

Our Juices, Cleanses and Tea Lattes are mindfully created to help elevate and support you with powerful superfoods and organic nutrient-dense botanicals.

We are all about simplicity and flexibility. LEMONKIND works around your life and our pure clean nourishment is good to go whenever, wherever, and however you are.

Your goals are our goals. Whether you reset with one of our juice cleanses or enjoy one of our everyday nutrition solutions you’ll find a LEMONKIND to love! Make today the start of whatever you want. It’s simple self-care you’ll feel good about, inside and out.


Always plant-based


Clean Labels

Made with organic botanicals and NonGMO ingredients.

Gluten Free

Less than 10ppm.

Tested and verified.


Made possible via our

Terracycle partnership.


Ready to go without the use of preservatives.

Ready to drink functional beverages

At LEMONKIND, we are united by one belief: what you drink should help your body function, not slow it down. For that purpose, each of our juice recipes is rich in only the best whole foods, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants to naturally promote healthy weight management as well as renewed & vitalized energy.

As added benefits, they can help support the immune system, relieve bloating, promote detox, and improve digestive wellness.

1-and-3 day solutions for a healthier you

Cleansing allows us to make mindful, conscious decisions towards our own health and wellness. When you cleanse, you actively nourish your body with powerful superfoods, reset your mindset and digestive system, boost your body’s metabolism and jumpstart your weight loss plans. 

Ready-to-mix functional beverages

Our  ready to mix superfood tea lattes and hunger-reducing bubble teas are crafted with organic adaptogenic blends of maca, astragalus, rose hips and maitake mushrooms that can help promote glowing skin, stress-relief, gut health, enhance body detox and boost the immune system.

Because there are only 17-18 grams of net carbs per serving, they are perfect for those following low-carb and ketogenic diets.

8-Week program solution for a healthier you

At Lemonkind we believe you are perfect the way you are. We also understand that life sometimes gets in the way, so we are here to support and motivate you while you do something wonderful for you, your health and your wellbeing.

For this reason, we created The Nutriboba Program™, an 8-week meal plan system that involves replacing two meals a day with a Superfood Tea Latte or Bubble Tea of your choice. With your goals in mind, we also crafted easy to follow meal plans that focus on your unique needs and provide the options that best match your lifestyle. The available Meal Plan options are: Low-carb, Vegan, Keto and Gluten-Free. 

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