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ready to go. 

Our products all come in single serve ready-to-eat, ready-to-mix or ready-to-drink shelf-stable packages. We’re all about flexibility! LEMONKIND works around your life instead of the other way around, and our pure clean nourishment is good to go whenever, wherever, and however you are.


your goals are our goals. 

Whether you go big or start small; want to reset with a juice cleanse or a single serving healthy boost; or prefer juices, teas, or weight-loss bubble teas, you’ll find a LEMONKIND to love! 


enjoy what you love. 

LEMONKIND celebrates your efforts and practice with positivity. We are made by real people for real people. Get ready for glow, lightness, and mental clarity— it’s simple self-care you’ll feel good about, inside and out. 


we love plants. 

Our products are mindfully created to help elevate and support you with powerful super foods and nutrient-dense botanicals. Always plant based, no additives, just like nature intended. 


earth friendly. 

Now utilizing 45% less cardboard on all of our packaging and with a 35:1 product to package ratio, our pouches provide the most efficient package delivery system relative to single-use plastic, cans and glass.


100% transparent.

The proof is in our labels.

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Hi, I'm Irene.

I am a proud American, Venezuelan-born, of Italian descent woman and, as it turns out, I also come from a long-lineage of generations whom dedicated their lives to agriculture, health & wellness.

When I was a little girl, we would frequently visit my grandparents’ farm. While there, my cousins and I would “discover” and collect as many fruits as we could gather. This scavenger hunt was thrilling, capturing a simpler time of pure play, healthy enjoyment and exploration of the outdoors. I loved those days on the family farm – And from this love of nature that will forever be a part of me, LEMONKIND was born.

I founded and created LEMONKIND in 2016, with a mission to make 100% natural beverages that are not only both delicious and better-for-you but also, accessible to anyone ready to build on beneficial, sustainable self-care.

Since then, we’ve been asking and listening. We know your journey is personal. This journey has been very personal for me as well. We’re here to support, inform and motivate you while you do something wonderful for you, your health and your wellbeing.

And remember (because we never forget) that your health is a beautiful thing —so let’s do something magical together and make today the beginning of whatever you want.

Irene Rojas Stanbury


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