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Bubble Tea Re-Imagined

Bubble Tea Re-Imagined

Inna Mikhaylova |

Maybe you are a bubble tea aficionado or maybe you have never heard of it, but let’s assume for all intents and purposes that you have absolutely no idea what we are talking about.

So what exactly is bubble tea?

Traditional bubble tea is a sweet Taiwanese beverage that is usually served with chewy tapioca balls (as a topping), also known as boba pearls. Bubble tea mixes contain flavorings, milk and sugar, making them sweet, and with lots of calories.

Sure, it’s delicious but an average bubble tea has over 400 calories and loads of empty carbs – which is bananas!

Why is it so popular now in all big US cities?

When we first drank bubble tea in NYC we were hooked. The drinks taste good sure, but the “drinking experience” is what makes it so much fun. People often say: “If it is delicious, it is probably bad for you” and they are not wrong when it comes to bubble tea. However, at LEMONKIND, we believe that delicious and good-for-you can be, and should be, synonymous so what did we do? We invented  NUTRIBOBA!


NUTRIBOBA™  is bubble tea re-imagined!  When you choose NUTRIBOBA you taste Mother Nature’s goodness in our nutrient rich superfoods. Our guilt-free bubble tea is full of organic adaptogens, fiber and antioxidants. Each of our lattes uses lactose-free rice milk so it is great for vegan and gluten-free diets. Each drink contains only 130 calories (if you count the low-calorie konjac boba). LEMONKINDs bubble tea will not only satisfy your sweet cravings, but it will also help you reduce intra-abdominal fat (the stubborn stomach fat). Sign us up! Because really, who doesn’t want that!

Where can I buy it?

Now, take away the inconvenience of only being available at bubble tea shops. NUTRIBOBA™  can be enjoyed at anytime, anywhere! Each serving comes in individual sachets (1 sachet for the drink and 1 for the low-calorie boba topping) so there is no measuring or blender necessary. Oh, and did we mention this is a complete drink? No “adding” to smoothies, coffee, milk, etc. Just add water and voila! You are ready to go!

What is different about our boba (chewy pearls)?

We mentioned a low-calorie topping, oh yah, we also developed a new boba unlike any other! Instead of steeping our tapioca pearls in sugar, we used konjac root as our primary ingredient to create a similar texture but without the calories. It is made of soluble fiber, which studies show helps with weight management and digestive health.

What kind of dark magic is this?

Amazing right? We sure think so. LEMONKIND’s one-of-a-kind, revolutionary bubble tea essentially encourages clean eating, weight loss and hunger-reduction. With 5 delicious flavors to choose from, there is a NUTRIBOBA™  for everyone. Caffeine AND caffeine free. Whether you need an energy boost pick-me-up or a relax and unwind, you’ll find a NUTRIBOBA™ bubble tea flavor to love!

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