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Inna Mikhaylova |

Happy New Year, now what?

The clock strikes midnight, and just like that another year has come and gone. As we sit, sipping the last of the champagne, letting the bubbles tickle our noses most us will begin thinking about the next 365 days. It seems challenging right from the get-go. Our inner selves start asking: “How do I plan out all those days? What does that new me even WANT?”

Do you have any resolutions in mind?

We take another sip of our bubbly and start giving it some serious thought. Seems year after year everyone makes the same resolutions. If we are going to school, we want to get good grades. If we are working, we may decide this is the year we will go after that hard-earned and well-deserved promotion or finally have the guts to ask for a raise. At home, we want love, acceptance, and security.

Are you afraid of a challenge?

This may all sound familiar, maybe not, but one thing is for certain: we all want the six pack and long lean legs. The idea of it all sounds so good, and before we know it we are drifting away as we imagine ourselves running through the meadows in Carrie Underwood’s toned legs… And that's when the fear of the challenge shoots the sparkler right in our face and says "nah, that's too hard! Who has got time for that?"

Stay positive into the New Year, LEMONKIND has your back.

We may even hear the fireworks in the background and feel a sudden rush of optimism, almost as if we are already trying to talk ourselves out of all the doubting so we sip some more and get back to pondering. We ask - When we make a resolution, why do we often see the positive clouded with the negative? Why must challenges of any kind, whether they relate to work, love, or health need to feel difficult? If we make them unrealistic, sure but what if we made them achievable? we may actually succeed and have some fun while at it!

Some tips from the LEMONKIND Team!

So we decide to break down the challenges into increments that are easy, fun, and doable. Work hard as always but keep notes of accomplishments to we may build a case to support a raise. Take love to the next level, don't think marriage, maybe just ask them to move in or take a trip somewhere together. Want those abs, so do a cleanse every couple of weeks and add a few crunches and lunges a day. Easy peasy LEMON-squeezy!

Importance of breaking things into smaller parts.

That is it, we have decided. Breaking things down into smaller parts and tackling them is the best way to go. That's why starting January 2, at the office we are buddying-up and are doing a 3-day cleanse to help get a re-boot. By doing a 3 day cleanse, we will allow our bodies to settle into a routine it will not fear. 

Remember, if you fall of the wagon on your health we are here to help you. Our Lemonkind Super Detox Me cleanses are  enjoyable, tasty, and filling so they'll help you jump right back into your routines! So go ahead, drink your champagne, enjoy the holidays and the extra slice of cake. We are ready when you are.

So, come on, have fun with us! Join us on our fitness journey. If a 3-day cleanse scares you, start with a 1-day! What are you waiting for. Let's Go!
Happy New Year with lemonkind