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3 Tips To Preempt Post-Injury Weight Gain

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Inna Mikhaylova |

Have you been sidelined post-injury?

Whether you’ve had a minor or major injury, the problem is still the same – you’re sidelined for a few weeks at least IF you are lucky. It is worse when you’re an avid athlete, one who goes to the gym or plays sports on the regular. Being away from training can put a strain on your mental health and yet, if you don’t rest, you can actually make the problem worse therefore lengthening the time needed to get back to feeling one-hundred percent.

What is your post-injury recovery diet and exercise plan?

We have all heard it, we know it is coming, and we still dread it. We are talking about the doctor’s orders: “No - or limited - exercise and lots of rest.” Since your sprained ankle doesn’t quite talk to your brain (or stomach that fast unfortunately) you may still be eating the same portions; and with limited mobility this resting period could easily turn into weight gain REALLY FAST.

So, what extra things can you do to recovery?

Alright but fear not, because we have your back. Let’s explore at least three easy things you can do to heal the smart way:

1. Limit your portions - It is extremely important to do so. Netflix and chill = good, but Netflix and chill and chips = Big No Nos. If only there was a product that delivered right to your door, with the click of a button, with nutrient dense juices that you could take in smart intervals? ;) You see what we did there? That’s where LEMONKIND Juice Cleanse becomes important. Low calorie and packed with great ingredients, these bad boys will keep you full and going without sacrificing taste or your waist line.

2. Do the exercises - Whatever your doctor tells you, do it! Even if you have to do stretches in bed, NOT doing so will actually result in longer healing time believe it or not. Take your time, be careful but do it! 

3. Optimal nutrition - What’s interesting is that many people do not think about their calories until they’re actually consciously counting them. In the end, weight gain is simple math; if you consume more than you burn you will add on the pounds. Sticking to a low-calorie diet while recovering from an injury is the key to keeping the weight off and your energy strong. LEMONKIND juices can keep you full and satisfied. You can also supplement with your favorite probiotics, vitamins, bone or vegan broth, and protein to add extra boost to your healing goals.

Why is juicing a great way to recovery from an injury?

We’ve done research and have discovered that juice cleansing is a healthy and easy way to take care of the low calories while keeping the nutrition aspect intact. It is win-win really and if you’re recovering from an injury or surgery and need an alternative to eating pizza, LEMONKIND has the solution for you!

Next time you are forced to take a break, sit back, relax, and focus on getting better while leaving the rest up to us. We’ve got you covered.