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  • Reasons Why You Should Love Adaptogens

    Reasons Why You Should Love Adaptogens

    Adaptogens - the latest buzzword in the wellness world. However, adaptogens have been used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine to promote rejuvenation and longevity. At LEMONKIND we provide you with the...

  • lemonkind juice cleanse 3 day juice cleanse wellness weight loss healthy diet nutrition plan

    The "New Us" Buddy Challenge

    So, do you have your New Year's resolutions going? Maybe you are giving up sweets, maybe it is alcohol. Usually, resolutions involve giving up something, but how about not giving up...

  • lemonkind 1 and 3 day juice cleanse detox weight loss nutrition health wellness diet plan juicing transformation

    3 Tips To Preempt Post-Injury Weight Gain

    Have you been sidelined post-injury? Whether you’ve had a minor or major injury, the problem is still the same – you’re sidelined for a few weeks at least IF you...

  • Adaptogen Mushrooms in Bubble Tea

    Adaptogen Mushrooms in Bubble Tea

    Mushrooms come in all different types and sizes and there are a lot of benefits in incorporating them into your daily meal plans.   Why are mushrooms considered a superfood? Mushrooms...