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Why the Japanese Have Been Using Ashitaba for Centuries

Why the Japanese Have Been Using Ashitaba for Centuries

Hannah Chusid |

What is Ashitaba?

Ashitaba is a plant that has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. It is known in Japan as "Tomorrow's Leaf" since after cutting the stem, a new bud grows nearly overnight.

LEMONKIND uses the valuable Ashitaba sap in our Nutriboba® Superfood Tea Lattes that contains over 20+ unique flavanoids called chalcones. This sap is heat & acid resistant, so it does not break down when it comes into contact with stomach acid. 


High in B-Vitamins -  Particularly B6 & B12, which are essential for energy. B12. along with iron, can help fight off anemia.


Boost metabolism -
Aids in long-term weight-loss when combined with regular diet and exercise. It also curbs appetite and alkalizes pH in your body


Aids weight loss - A research of 25 overweight participants showed that within eight weeks, those who consumed 200mg of Ashitaba extract per day experienced a reduction in stomach fat and waist size.


Anti-aging properties - Ashitaba extract has been show to slow down aging by combatting free radicals that damage skin cells. Ashitaba contains melatonin, the sleep regulating hormone. Healthy sleep habits reduce puffy eyes, wrinkles and dry skin. 


Detoxing - Ashitaba helps the body distribute essential nutrients while ridding harmful substances out of the body.


Aids digestion - Ashitaba reduces heartburn and bloating and is known as a diuretic. 




This is bubble tea reimagined. Our ready-to-mix bubble teas and superfood tea lattes make for guilt-free drinks that are not only delicious but also good-for-you. Made with nutrient-dense organic superfoods, you’ll enjoy pure, clean nourishment and the functional benefits of weight loss and reduced hunger. Feel lighter, brighter and, more vibrant!

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