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The "New Us" Buddy Challenge

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Inna Mikhaylova |

So, do you have your New Year's resolutions going?

Maybe you are giving up sweets, maybe it is alcohol. Usually, resolutions involve giving up something, but how about not giving up anything and instead boosting up your body with everything it needs to reset and re-start? Doesn’t that sound so much better? More doable? And less frightening? Do you want to do a cleanse, but something is stopping you? Is that something currently on your mind? Are you worried that you will fail before you begin? Or that you're all alone while your friends, family, or significant others are hungrily munching on their tacos and margaritas while you desperately want to get rid of the bloat?

Having self-doubt if you can do this?

We understand that all of these may be emotional triggers that create self-doubt and set you up for failure before you can even get started. But guess what? We have noticed that those who cleanse with someone else (or in groups) will not only stick to the cleanse and finish it, but also enjoy it so much that they become habitual customers.

Making it a friendly competition or just the idea and camaraderie of doing something with someone makes it less scary. You are in it together! You keep each other accountable too, and that is also important.

How about you set up a friendly challenge?

Get a friend or two, a partner, a spouse, a family member, or if you really want to go for it, get your entire office to partake with you. You can start with our 1-day cleanse. After all, a one day is less daunting and you are more likely to laugh later and say "hey, I should've done at least two, or three days." Starting really is the hardest part. But don’t worry, you can always build up to that 3-day cleanse challenge later.

Why is LEMONKIND the right detox cleanse?

At Lemonkind, we take pride in what we do. We give everyone an attainable goal, a chance at healthier eating habits and an opportunity for self-discovery. We celebrate those who take that first step because we know it isn’t easy. That is why we get excited knowing that our Lemonkind Cleanses make it possible for everyone to be their best self. When your friend asks why? Tell them the following: “The juices do not need refrigeration, you get 8 instead of 6 so you won’t get hungry, they are convenient, tasty and beautiful. Oh, and it is a minority woman owned company!”

Are you ready?

We nominate you to the “New Us” buddy challenge, so all you need to do is nominate someone else. We will do this together! Click Here to Shop. 

PS: This is where we test you to see if you committed to the read, ha! If you get 5 or more people to do it with you contact us at Those who do will get a group discount code.

From Yours Truly, 

The Awesome Lemonkind Team