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Nutriboba Recipes

  • Nutriboba® Superfood Chocolate Banana Pancakes

    Nutriboba® Superfood Chocolate Banana Pancakes

    Nothing like starting your morning with some Superfood power pancakes. These pancakes high in protein and will keep you satiated and energized for hours. Ingredients1 packet Nutriboba® Dark Chocolate Oolong Tea...

  • Nutriboba® Superfood Açai Bowl

    Nutriboba® Superfood Açai Bowl

    Want an extra boost to your superfood açai bowl? Try adding some Nutriboba® into it! Ingredients1 packet frozen açai3/4 cup almond milk2/3 cup frozen banana chunks (about 3/4 of a banana)1/2 cup fresh kale or spinach1/4 cup frozen blueberries1 packet Nutriboba® Maqui...

  • Nutriboba® Superfood Coconut Power Balls

    Nutriboba® Superfood Coconut Power Balls

    Need a quick on-the-go snack? Our power balls contain an extra boost with adaptogens, fat burning & detoxing ingredients. Ingredients3 cups Medjool dates, pitted1 1/2 cups almonds1/2 cup water2 tbsp cacao powder2 packets of Nutriboba®...