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Nutriboba Recipes

  • Nutriboba® Superfood Chocolate Matcha Avocado Shake

    Nutriboba® Superfood Chocolate Matcha Avocado Shake

    Start your morning right with a chocolatey smooth & earthy shake that’s not only satiating but also brain-boosting and stress-busting. Ingredients1 cup ice1 cup almond milk (unsweetened)1/2 avocado, pitted1 ripe banana, peeled (preferably frozen)3 mejdool dates, pitted (see notes)1 tbsp peanut butter, sub in...

  • Nutriboba® Superfood Golden Smoothie

    Nutriboba® Superfood Golden Smoothie

    Rise & shine with this powerful anti-inflammatory superfood smoothie, with the added detoxing benefits of Nutriboba®. Ingredients1/2 cup milk organic dairy or non-dairy alternative1/2 cup Greek yogurt 2% plain (or your choice)1/2 tsp vanilla extract1 small banana1 packet Nutriboba® Turmeric Golden...

  • Nutriboba® Superfood Coffee Protein Cookies

    Nutriboba® Superfood Coffee Protein Cookies

    Love coffee with cookies? Why not combine them into one with fat-burning, brain boosting and stress relieving benefits! Ingredients:2/3 cup nonfat Greek yogurt1 packet Nutriboba® Arabica Coffee Yerba Mate Latte1/2 tsp...

  • Nutriboba® Superfood Carrot Cake Bars

    Nutriboba® Superfood Carrot Cake Bars

    Carrot cake is delicious but can be oh-so sugary. These superfood carrot cake bars are perfect for when you want that cinnamon sweetness but with half of the calories, more...

  • Nutriboba® Superfood Chocolate Crepes

    Nutriboba® Superfood Chocolate Crepes

    Ooh la la - your favorite French treat just got a healthy boost! Ingredients1/2 cup blanched almond flour1 tbsp Nutriboba® Dark Chocolate Oolong Tea Latte1/4 tsp baking soda2 eggs1 tsp vanilla1/2 cup...

  • Nutriboba® Superfood Chocolate Banana Muffins

    Nutriboba® Superfood Chocolate Banana Muffins

    Chocolate & bananas – the perfect combination. Enhanced with adaptogens & detoxing benefits, which makes this the ultimate pick-me-up breakfast or snack. Ingredients:½ cup milk (I used unsweetened almond milk)2 Tbsp...

  • Nutriboba® Superfood Matcha Chia Pudding

    Nutriboba® Superfood Matcha Chia Pudding

    Need an extra boost in the morning? Try a Superfood Matcha Chia Pudding – packed with antioxidants, polyphenols and mental boosting ingredients to give your brain and body the start...

  • Nutriboba® Superfood Chocolate Banana Pancakes

    Nutriboba® Superfood Chocolate Banana Pancakes

    Nothing like starting your morning with some Superfood power pancakes. These pancakes high in protein and will keep you satiated and energized for hours. Ingredients1 packet Nutriboba® Dark Chocolate Oolong Tea...

  • Nutriboba® Superfood Bulletproof Coffee

    Nutriboba® Superfood Bulletproof Coffee

    Did you know fat combined with caffeine boosts your energy? Enhance this keto diet favorite with some Nutriboba® for some brain boosting benefits. Ingredients1 cup hot water1/2 cup milk of choice (dairy milk, nut...

  • Nutriboba® Superfood Matcha Protein Bars

    Nutriboba® Superfood Matcha Protein Bars

    Earthy, sweet & chocolatey – you’ll get the perfect adaptogenic boost from these Superfood matcha protein bars. For the bars:1 3/4 cups oat flour (certified gluten-free if necessary)1 packet Nutriboba® Ceremonial Matcha Moringa Tea...

  • Nutriboba® Superfood Açai Bowl

    Nutriboba® Superfood Açai Bowl

    Want an extra boost to your superfood açai bowl? Try adding some Nutriboba® into it! Ingredients1 packet frozen açai3/4 cup almond milk2/3 cup frozen banana chunks (about 3/4 of a banana)1/2 cup fresh kale or spinach1/4 cup frozen blueberries1 packet Nutriboba® Maqui...

  • Nutriboba® Superfood Berry Smoothie

    Nutriboba® Superfood Berry Smoothie

    A berry delightful smoothie filled with antioxidants and adaptogens. Ingredients1.5 cups frozen triple berry mix1 medium frozen banana1/2 tablespoon chia seeds1 packet Nutriboba® Maqui Berry Dandelion Tea Latte1 1/4 cups unsweetened almond...